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In 1976, six independent real estate agents in Brisbane shared a vision to join together to form a real estate cooperative unlike any of their competitors. 30 years later and with 246 offices across New Zealand and Australia, the company is again reinventing itself for a new era of real estate. Join us as we take you through our journey into tomorrow with our new Pathway to Business Ownership programme.

Professionals is a cooperative group, not a franchise.

Founded with the aspiration to provide a strong public presence of corporate identity, shared benefits and “independent owner” status, the Professionals group is a marketing co-operative that is not run for profit.

As the founding members were independent real estate agents, an important focus has always been placed on all members owning the brand and driving the future direction of the group. Money from our low monthly fees is injected straight back into the organisation by providing real value to our members through the delivery of a range of products and services. Today this comprises leading-edge marketing technology and tools that generate business for our members.

At the forefront of real estate industry thinking, we are constantly seeking ways to develop and grow, as individuals and as a company. So we are proud to announce the release of our Pathway to Business Ownership programme - another innovation for our brand, demonstrating our commitment to future growth and the success of our members in the changing real estate environment.





Four steps to success

If you're ready to take the next step in your real estate career, then the Professionals Pathway to Business Ownership programme might be just what you're looking for.

We've designed a four-step process that will take you from a virtual office in yor own satellite area, to your own business complete with office, staff and systems. From there, how you choose to grow your business is up to you. You could even expand geographically and grow a regional Professionals operation built on your values and success.

Below we give you a brief overview of the four phases of our programme. For all the details about the programme, download our eBook: How to start your real estate business.


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Phase 1: Seed

Designed to take you from your current situation and into the Professionals family.

  • Operate as an individual sales person or team as an 'agency company'
  • Support from Professionals CEO and agency mentors
  • Choose your own location and generate your own sales
  • Support to achieve your Agency License


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Phase 2: Growth

Now you're supported to take ownership of your own satellite area.

  • Virtual office / home based or based at parent company office - you choose
  • Full supervision from head office
  • Administrative support incluidng marketing, transaction support and monies
  • Commission split increases with guidance on moving to phase 3.

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Phase 3: Satellite

You're ready to set up your limited liability company.

  • Set up a new office operating independently under the parent company brand
  • You're in the driving seat to grow your business
  • Continued oversight and support from head office
  • Marketing and administrative support remains in place
  • Reliable monthly revenues now being generated.


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Phase 4: Agency

With your Agency License obtained, you become Principal of your agency.

  • Retain 100% of your commissions
  • Run your own admin while still having the full support of national marketing
  • Opportunity to expand your business further
  • Opportunity to buy out the parent company investment in your buisness.

As part of the Professionals family you can be assured that your vision, dedication and willingness to step out on your own will be rewarded - not just through income and annual profits, but via the creation of a highly valuable asset.

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