The time has come to sell your home. Or has it?

The time has come to sell your home. Or has it?

You’ve finally got everything (and everyone) in order. You’re ready to ring the agent and get those signs up! But wait... Christmas is coming and you’ve offered to host it at your house this year... will that be in the middle of your settlement period and consequently coinciding with your ‘packing up the entire house in record speed’?

As with many major life-leaps like having kids, getting hitched and changing jobs, there’s rarely a ‘perfect’ time to sell your home. But having the smarts to determine 'close-enough-to-perfect' time, can mean fewer worries and a better outcome.

Good things take time

Eliminate stress and reduce time pressures from the selling equation by working through a timeline using the milestones below to guide you:

  1. House is ready for sale
  2. Signs go up - officially listed for sale
  3. Period house is on market and open homes
  4. Date of sale (auction or tender) break out the champagne!
  5. Settlement period – a whole lot of packing
  6. Moving date – enlist some muscle, so you can just orchestrate the event
  7. Settle into your new home (rent or buy?)
  8. Phew, back to normal! (or whatever passes for normal at your place)
'We're in the money' or 'bang for the buyer’s buck'

Naturally you want to get the best price possible for your beloved home before you move on to beloved home 2.0. Take the below factors into consideration when determining when you will sell, so you have a crack at getting that record price:

  1. Market conditions – will you be selling and buying into the same market?
  2. Seasonality – is your home a summer stunner? More on this below...
  3. Family life – will your children be moving schools in the middle of a term? For useful tips on ensuring you have family buy-in, head to our blog article on how to get Team Family on board
  4. Time pressures – urgency to sell rarely works in the seller’s favour.
Be a 'seasoned' pro

Unless your home resembles a suburban swamp during the cooler months, taking advantage of fewer listings but consistent buyer numbers over winter may help your home stand out from the (slightly reduced) crowd. Of course, if your back deck is perfectly oriented to catch the sun, while bedrooms are gently shaded by deciduous trees… the summer might be a better choice. If working with an agent, they’ll be able to advise you on the pros and cons of each season.


So when?

While it’s important to consider market conditions and seasonality, a time that fits in with your family life is also critical. Check out our latest eBook ‘To sell or not to sell’. It’s packed with handy tips and checklists to help you make sense of it all.

Everyone has a slightly different reason for thinking about moving. But whatever your reason, the desire to move on is a big deal. Download our free eBook 'To sell or not to sell' for tips and advice to help you decide if 'now' really is the right time to move on.

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