Using an agent or going along
Choosing a real estate agent
Setting your price
Deciding on a sales method
Getting ready for your first open home
Whats involved in selling a house in NZ - Part 1
What's involved in selling a house in NZ - Part 2
Marketing your property
Getting your financial ducks in a row

Series 1: To Sell or not to Sell?

Join Jane in 'Home Straight' our free video series for Kiwi home owners. Having recently sold her own home, Jane will take you through the process she went through to weigh up her options and she shares some handy tips along the way. Don't forget you can download our free eBook 'To sell or not to sell' for more on the topics Jane discusses.

Is now the right time to sell?

When it comes to selling your home, timing is of utmost importance. How can you decide the best time to sell, and what are the factors that impact the perfect timing?

Understanding your financial position

Getting a market appraisal of your home early in the selling process is a great way to better understand your financial position. Knowing the value of your home will enable you to gauge what you can afford, and what you can borrow.

How to prepare yourself for the emotional upheaval of selling your home.

It’s only natural to have an emotional attachment to your family home, and it could well be this emotional attachment that is holding you back from something better. In this episode, we give you some top tips on what to expect emotionally when selling your home.

Renovate, become a landlord, or sell?

If you’re ready to move on from your current home, selling is just one of many options available. Becoming a landlord, or investing in renovations are also great options that you can consider.