Can you really manage your property on your own? 

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It’s been a stressful week at the office which has left you longing for the rapidly approaching weekend.

Ahh the weekend; a time for sleep-ins, family brunches and perhaps a game of tennis. Or is it time to sit down with your lawyer to go through the finer points of the New Zealand Residential Tenancy Act to see what you can do about your unsavoury tenant?

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Perhaps it’s time to chase up late rent payments, or organise a photo shoot at your vacant rental on the other side of town.

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While you may have visions of an investment property that takes care of itself with hassle free tenants and a hassle free property to match, unfortunately this is often not the case. It takes money (and/or time) to make money remember!

Whether you want that time to be yours or that of an experienced property manager is a decision worth deliberating over. 

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Can you really manage on your own? The big questions to ask yourself...

If this is all sounding a bit stressful and time consuming, we’d tend to agree with you!

In this case, the best course of action may be leaving this side of things to a professional property manager – so you can get on with enjoying your spare time. For more tips and insights on what it really takes to become a landlord, download our free eBook "My House. Your Castle".



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