How to get ready to sell your house. Tips for Kiwi home owners.

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You've decided to sell your house...but are you ready for the journey ahead? Here’s what you need to know to get everything organised and to get yourself mentally prepared for becoming a vendor-extraordinaire!

1. The how

All that googling has left you with a great understanding of how things work… in America. While there are similarities, New Zealand real estate does have its own quirks which you’ll need to be up to speed with. Be clear about what the process involves before you jump in head first.

Tip For up to date and NZ-specific information about buying and selling, consider talking to a local agent.


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2. Get those finances shipshape

You’re revelling in the afterglow of a successful open home, swan past the (freshly painted) letterbox and what’s this? A stack of bills which could very much put a damper on things. 

Tip – Go through a thorough financial health check prior to embarking on the journey to minimise the stress factor.

3. Good old kiwi DIY or enlist an expert? 

Sure, you can knock together a simple trestle table with a couple of 2x4s or whip up a quick batch of cookies for an impromptu afternoon tea. Forgoing an agent in favour of selling privately is a big decision, with important pros and cons in both camps. Perhaps you are more than happy to pound the pavement delivering flyers... but the thought of negotiating in six figures is enough to send you into a cold sweat?

Tip – To aid your decision making, download the “How to get ready to sell your house” eBook for some common pros and cons about choosing an agent versus going it alone. 

4. The other how (actually selling) 

Putting a figure on your beloved home can be difficult, and remaining impartial when doing so can be part of the problem. Once you’ve arrived at a figure, more decisions follow – adrenalin-fuelled auction or a slow and steady negotiation process? And how to get the word out?

Tip – Contact an agent for a free appraisal of your home’s value. The “How to get ready to sell your house” eBook has loads of info on marketing and different approaches to selling your home.

5. It’s time to shine!

Freshly mowed lawns, clutter-free surfaces and the coveted “I can see myself living here” feeling from potential buyers. First impressions really do count, and there are a number of tips, tricks and must-dos to set you on your way.  

Tip – Get open home ready using the pre-open home checklist in the “How to get ready to sell your house” eBook.

6. Your real estate fairytale - or maybe not?

Things don’t always go to plan, but you can plan to be prepared if it doesn’t. Whether your home doesn’t sell, you don’t get the price you wanted or you need bridging finance, being comfortable with various scenarios can help you achieve your happily ever after.

While we’d all love for the process to be so simple, there’s a bit more to get clued up on before you launch head first into the selling journey. You can take the first step by requesting a free market appraisal from us by clicking on the button below.



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