How to successfully market your home for sale

How to successfully market your home for sale

As with all products, the longer they remain on the shelf, the less appealing they become. Don’t let your home meet the same fate as deli goods that have outstayed their welcome – price reduced for quick sale. Whether you dust off the bugle, book the town crier or sit down with your agent and discuss a solid plan for marketing your home, here are a few tips for getting a great outcome.

How low can you go, how high can you fly?

The right pricing strategy is key to a successful sale and also key to ensuring your home isn’t left on the shelf too long. Price too high and you’ll be dismissed by potential buyers; price too low and you’ve done yourself out of some cash. Get a free market appraisal to help you ascertain what your right price is and read more on setting dollar value in our “How to get ready to sell your house” eBook.

Time and timing
How long will it take? How long have you got? Is it the right time? When is the right time? Desired or required timing will play a huge part in determining a marketing plan that’s right for you, so now’s the time to look at just that. Time. Grab the calendar and plot upcoming events and dates. For more information on the seasons of selling head to our “To sell or not to sell” eBook. 

Remember: if you’re selling privately you’ll need to factor in some extra time up front to get a grasp on the nuances of the real estate world.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.
And then take a good hard look at their shoes. This is all about positioning and knowing your market. Ask yourself what kind of buyer you are trying to appeal to and if there is anything simple and cost-effective you can do to make your home more attractive to that buyer. For example, erecting a cheap (but not nasty) fence on your boundary may make the home more appealing to families.

Let’s get specific
Clear goals are important in determining the right marketing plan. Obviously selling is your goal, but what are your boundaries? For example, if you can’t get $X for your home, will you stay put? If it’s not sold by X date will you postpone until after Christmas? We’re not suggesting you turn into a negative Nelly, but being prepared with plans B and C will help you get it right.

It’s time to make some noise!
Time to whet the appetite of your potential buyers with some tasty little snippets called advertising. A good agent will recommend an advertising plan based on the type of buyer you are trying to attract, whether it means including social media for the digitally savvy, or good old fashioned press for the discerning buyer.

Marketing plan out of the way, it must be almost time to put that Champagne on ice, sit back and relax...while perusing the “How to get ready to sell your house” eBook of course. 

Find out everything you need to know about getting ready to sell your house and more about creating a winning marketing plan in our free eBook "How to get ready to sell your house" .


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