Is there life beyond the lifestyle block?

Is there life beyond the lifestyle block

Are you a lifestyle property owner but finding it’s becoming a bit of a stumbling block? 

Maybe it’s the cost, the upkeep, the commute to work or perhaps you just don’t need all that space anymore – whatever the reason, your lifestyle block is feeling like it isn’t the “lifestyle” for you anymore.

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What is the market like for selling lifestyle properties and what are your options after you sell?

Overall, New Zealand is experiencing a lift in the lifestyle property market so now could be a good time to sell. However, selling lifestyle is very different than residential, and there are subtleties from region to region. It’s important to talk to a local real estate agent especially one who specializes in lifestyle property, to know how your area is performing.

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How to get your property ready for sale.

There’s lots of work and preparation that goes into selling a house, and when you add 1-40+ acres to the mix, it compounds. What do you need to do to get your house and land sale-ready?

First impressions count. The decision to buy a property is so often ruled by the heart – even more so for lifestyle buyers who have a dream they are aspiring to achieve.

So it’s absolutely vital that your property creates a great first impression. From the quaint letter-box, to the sweeping (pot hole free) driveway, to the front façade of your home and the tidy (very tidy) grounds and paddocks beyond – think about creating the picture-perfect new beginning for your buyers.  

With lifestyle, there is an obvious emphasis on maintaining your property, including any kind of farm equipment or structures. But, still like any residential property, buyers will still be looking for appeal both inside and outside the home. Ensure windows are spotless and your fence has a fresh coat of paint.

Some other things to consider: Do you have farm equipment and machinery that could be sold with the property? A spa pool? Riding lawnmower? Decide whether or not you will factor this cost in inclusive to the property, or if you will negotiate outside of the sale.

Should you go it alone or engage an agent?

Selling a lifestyle property is much more complex than selling a residential property. There are financial, legal and tax implications, not to mention the cost of losing out on getting the best possible price for your property.


Selling your property is a big decision! For more detailed information on the topics covered in this article, as well as plenty more advice, tips, and helpful hints about selling a lifestyle block, download our new eBook today!


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