Over the lifestyle lifestyle? Apartment living could be your perfect next move.

Apartment living could be your perfect next move

As New Zealanders, we have always idealised the lifestyle-block lifestyle. And while the appeal for many of us has been obvious, in these changing times of rapid growth and demand, many are changing their perspective and considering the benefits and appeal of apartment living.

The lifestyle block may have been perfect when you wanted space and freedom of the country. But perhaps now the kids are getting close to moving out of home (or already have) and you’re faced with empty bedrooms and fewer hands to help out around the property. Perhaps the things that drew you to your large home in the country are now the things that are exhausting you and keeping you from making the most of your life?

In this article, we look at the key advantages to apartment living and why changing from a lifestyle property to a smaller home can free up more time for doing the things you want to do.

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Downsizing to a house or apartment closer to town can offer you a different sense of freedom. It’s a concept that has been embraced by cities the world-over and now that we are facing similar space challenges we are looking at what the apartment lifestyle can offer us – many of which, larger homes often can’t.

Six key advantages to apartment living

1. Apartment living is cheaper than maintaining a house and garden (considering especially the house prices in the Auckland region and other centres!). You could have your own more affordable apartment that allows you to have money for the extras in your life that you have been doing without.

2. Easy to maintain and clean. By saving the time and energy that you would spend maintaining and cleaning a lifestyle property you will have the opportunity to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Maintenance on apartment buildings is often carried out by the body corporate – a pleasant change from always being solely responsible.

3. Enjoy more freedom. Without the worry of maintaining and managing a lifestyle property you would have the option of taking more holidays free from worries about the garden, your animals or the security of your house when you go away.

4. Save time and reduce stress by getting to work easily. Make the long commute a thing of the past. By living in the city you can cut the time (and of course the stress!) of getting to your job – an absolute dream for anyone that drives from the country to the city.

5. Convenience of being so close to amenities like doctors, shops and supermarkets and the ease of public transport or being able to simply walk to your appointment.

6. Enjoy the more modern and cultural aspects of life. Apartment buildings are often equipped with gyms, swimming pools, and recreational areas, as well as being situated in central locations close to restaurants and cinemas. Pop out for a spontaneous dinner and a movie. Meet up with friends and family at your local cafe – so easy. 

There are many reasons that can be listed for changing to an easier, more streamlined way of living – after all isn’t life for living? To learn more about your options after the lifestyle block, download our eBook “Life beyond the lifestyle block”.


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