What’s going on in the NZ market and how to sell your home before Christmas!

Whats going on in the NZ market and how to sell your home before christmas


In this edition of Professionally Speaking, we’ll be talking about planning your sale before Christmas. Yes, spring is here and we need to start thinking about those timelines. We’ll also be talking about first home buyers, investors, and buying that beach holiday home.

You’ll notice the daffodils are up, and now that spring is well on its way, the days are getting longer and we’re starting to think about the summer that is approaching. Now is a really important time to think about moving. If you’re planning on selling your house, and you’d like to be in your new house with your Christmas tree up, celebrating Christmas with your family, now is definitely the time to plan ahead.


It could take you a couple of weeks to prepare your home for sale – add to that four more weeks for your marketing programme, and then a further four more weeks from your sale through to settlement. Add all those weeks together, and you’ll be looking very closely at December. So now’s a good time to start preparing your home for market, and talking to your agent about what you need to do to get on the market.

Take a look at our eBook “How to Get Ready to Sell Your House. A Guide for Kiwi Home Owners”. This is a great guide for Kiwi home owners with a step-by-step guide, and top tips for presenting your home for market.

Our second topic today is talking about what’s happening in the market currently. With lots of talk about the change in the investment rules, we’re now seeing a lot of first home buyers, especially in the regions where the prices are a little more achievable. First home buyers have got a great chance now to get in and buy a property, and perhaps not compete against quite so many investors as they look back at their investment portfolios and start to re-analyze how they can get past the 40% loan-to-value ratios.

If you’re an investor looking to buy more property, talk to your mortgage broker about these new rules and how to work through them. You might even consider buying a holiday home. You also might be a person who is looking at helping the next generation. There are people who are in their 50s with children who are in their 20s, now looking to buy their first home. It’s now a good time to be talking to your mortgage broker about how you might be able to help your kids buy their first home, and use the equity of your existing family home to make that happen.

So now is a great time, a great season to think creatively about how you’re investing in property. 

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