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When selling your house doesn't go to plan.

By Mike Henderson / April 19, 2018 / Share:


While all sellers are hoping (and doing everything they can) to achieve the dream end result, sometimes things can deviate from the best-case scenario and become a bit of a nightmare.

Your best plan of attack when selling your home is to make like a scout and ‘always be prepared’ – prepared for the ‘what ifs’ and prepared with the know-how to get closer to your dream result.

To avoid those sleepless nights, we've covered a few common problems that home owners looking to sell are faced with and the solutions.


Problem #1

You still haven’t sold your current place and owning two homes definitely wasn’t part of the plan!

The fix – Consider bridging finance as an interim measure and be clear with your agent up-front around timelines for selling your current home.


Problem #2

Your property gets passed in at an auction.

The solution – Speak to your agent about what would happen in this scenario. Get a Professionals selling agent on your team. 


Problem #3

The offer was conditional and has fallen through.

The fix – Stipulate how much time a buyer has to retract an offer before you are able to take other offers.


Problem #4

You thought you had found the perfect agent, but the shine’s wearing off.

The fix – Understanding the service agreement prior to committing to an agent is important. More useful information is provided by the independent REAA. 


Knowing what you’re in for – before you’re waist deep in it – goes a long way when it comes to the sales process.  Thankfully you don’t have to spend hours trawling Google for resources, because we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you.  And it’s free. Download our “How to get ready to sell your house” eBook and get prepared.


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