Get on the home straight with our new free video series [video]

For most people, selling a house isn’t something you do every day.

In fact, you’ll probably only ever sell a few properties in your life. So before you embark on the journey, it’s a really good idea to familiarise yourself with the process by watching the next episodes in our free video series.

In this series, we’ve gathered together a few experts who know what it takes to get a property sold.

Meet Sarah and Shane, two of our top real estate agents, who will walk you through the process of selling your home from start to finish, including how to choose an agent.

And our special guest, John van Winden from NZ Home Loans, also steps in with ‘must watch’ tips on getting your financial ducks in a row and some invaluable tips about structuring your home loan.

So why wait?

Get started by watching the trailer below, or jump straight to watch the next 5 episodes here.

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