If you don’t tell, it won’t sell: Leverage social media to sell your home faster.

If you dont tell it wont sell leverage social media to sell your home faster


Our eBook “How to Get Ready to Sell Your Home” is full of useful advice, but for specific advice around leveraging social media to help sell your home, read on!


Social media is a powerful connectivity platform that allows us to stay in touch and share information with friends, family, acquaintances, friends of friends and so on. It’s become an intrinsic part of our daily routine, so much so that checking our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds often starts before we’ve even had our first morning coffee.


But social media has more to offer than just entertainment value. If you’re selling your home, harnessing the connectivity power of social sites like Facebook is a great way to help market your home to a huge audience for little to no cost.


Use your social network to spread the word, build interest and increase potential buyers for your home.

From the moment you decide to sell your home, you’re just a few clicks away from generating instant word of mouth to a multitude of people. It sounds easy – but it does require a little strategy. Here’s a few tips to get the most out of advertising your home via social media:


1. Share with your network that you’ve listed your home on the market.

Pictures, photo albums or video tours are a great way to showcase your home to your networks. But don’t share them all at once. Consider creating an initial status “listing” and drip feed information to your network from there.


2. Encourage your friends to share your listing on their pages.

Once you tell your friends you’re selling, they have the opportunity to share that information with their friends. This multiplicative effect has the power to get the word out to a huge audience in a short amount of time. Consider this: if you have 50 Facebook friends that you share your listing to, and they in turn share it with 50 of their friends, that means that you have the potential to reach 2,500 people with news that you are selling your home – with minimal effort on your end.


3. Continue to develop the information you share.

Saturating your timeline with too many of the same posts can get repetitive and lead to a blind spot with readers. When you first list your home, share an initial debut post. After that, new posts should evolve to highlight key selling points or explain major changes, such as an adjusted selling price.


4. Keep it interesting!

It’s the golden rule of social media – don’t be boring! Highlight interesting features, facts, stories or history around your listing, whatever will keep your readers and potential buyers invested.


5. Tell readers how to get in touch with your realtor.

Your social media posts are generating a lot of interest around your home – what’s the next step for a potential buyer? Don’t forget to include a link to a site where readers can be in contact with your realtor! 


If you really want to maximise your own social media efforts and learn more valuable tips for selling you home, download our free eBook “How to Get Ready to Sell Your Home” today.

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