Over the lifestyle lifestyle? Apartment living could be your perfect next move.

By Mike Henderson / Jan 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM

As New Zealanders, we have always idealised the lifestyle-block lifestyle. And while the appeal for many of us has been obvious, in these changing times of rapid growth and demand, many ...

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The Auckland market isn’t taking a holiday

By Mike Henderson / Jan 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM

During the holiday season, while we were unwinding and taking stock, it could be easy to assume that the property market was also taking it easy. And although this has been the case for many of the areas around the ...

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Housing activity relaxes for the holidays

By Mike Henderson / Jan 11, 2017 1:16:24 PM

Continuing on from our last blog "Key influencers of buyer confidence: what they mean for you" this blog covers further key trends ...

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Key influencers of buyer confidence: what they mean for you.

By Mike Henderson / Dec 14, 2016 9:55:32 AM

Buyer confidence is influenced by a number of external factors. By understanding the wider forces that shape the property market, you can make well-informed decisions.

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The silly season: a not-so-silly time to buy or sell property

By Mike Henderson / Dec 7, 2016 12:09:05 PM

As the weather heats up, the New Zealand property market is cooling down, as demand slows down in the lead up to the holiday season. While everyone else makes ...

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If you’re an investor or first home buyer, you might start looking further afield when buying a real estate property

By Mike Henderson / Nov 28, 2016 1:00:00 PM

In this month's edition of Professionally Speaking, we’ll take an in-depth look at the fascinating things that are happening in real estate around New Zealand right now. 

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Thinking of selling your house? Time to get a plan!

By Mike Henderson / Nov 16, 2016 11:00:00 AM

So, you’ve been thinking about selling your home, but aren’t sure about making that life-changing leap, yet. It can be overwhelming, but that’s to be expected when you’re selling your biggest asset. Don’t despair, ...

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Are you an Auckland home owner thinking about selling? What the Auckland unitary plan means for you.

By Mike Henderson / Nov 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM

With the introduction of the unitary plan in Auckland, as a homeowner you are probably wondering what this change means for you. You may be asking how it will impact the NZ property market, and if you were to sell ...

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Buying, selling or investing. Our market predictions for 2017

By Steve Lovegrove / Oct 26, 2016 11:10:00 AM

In this edition of Professionally Speaking, we'll be talking about a few current hot topics in real estate. We’re now in that final run to ...

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2016 proves to be a very unpredictable year when it comes to real estate.

By Mike Henderson / Oct 19, 2016 9:02:00 AM

Spring may have sprung, but the property market is not in bloom. The traditional lift in the housing market activity during September failed to eventuate, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the property ...

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